These Are The Folks Spending Your Money

Last week the Senate was so eager to hand out another $26 billion in bailouts that it forgot to name the bill it passed to provide that funding. The version of the bill that was passed, H.R. 1586, can be seen at Thomas, Congress’s legislation tracking site, with the title “_______Act of______.” Apparently, in the process of amending the bill, placeholder text was used for a new title and was never fixed before the Senate voted on the bill. As noted by, which first reported the oversight on Sunday, in order to rename the bill, the Senate would have to return from its break and vote on an amended version. And if the House passes the same bill but includes a title, then the Senate will have to vote again on that version. Under the Constitution, the Senate and the House have to pass identical versions of a bill before it can be presented to the President for signing into law. So the country may well have a law titled the “_______Act of______.” These are the folks spending your money.

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