The status Quo Is No Longer Affordable

Since President Barack Obama was sworn into office, total entitlement spending has grown 4 percent, total
discretionary has soared 16 percent, and the national debt has exploded 43 percent. Over that same time the
United States economy has lost 3.3 million jobs. President Obama may not be blamed for the most recent recession,
but he can certainly be held accountable for the failure of his deficit spending policies in response.

President Obama cannot continue to pass on unsustainable levels of spending and borrowing to future
generations. The president himself will tell you that spending levels under President Bush were unsustainable
and yet objects to returning program budgets to even 2008 levels. In November 2010, Americans demanded an
adult conversation about what government does and how much of our money it spends. It is up to the president
to demonstrate he heard the American people and defend why federal programs, like education, are effective
enough to warrant more money. And when he can’t show any measurable results, like in the area of education,
he must agree to responsible cuts. The status quo is no longer affordable.

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