The Socialist

By Ben Howe

Every age seeks visionaries to leave, in the wake of their genius, a changed world – but
rarely are they found without a few strikeout also-rans getting a crack first. In 2008,
millions of Americans thought they had found the real thing.

Over the subsequent two years the nation moved inexorably – though rarely without battle –
toward European-style socialism. Through the warring perspectives of a few powerful, deluded
men and women who claim to know what’s best for you, we reached a national drama rife with
both bureaucracy-creation and wealth destruction.

The Socialist moved from the halls of academia to the offices of ACORN to a pew in Chicago,
and eventually all the way to the Oval Office, all the while spurred on by the heady early
days of a culture-changing phenomenon in the making. In the midst of the chaos and mounting
disasters, average American citizens began to object, eventually adding up to more than the
sum of their parts in what has become a multi-front, 21st century clash of worldviews.

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