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The Senate Is Deciding Your Fate

Your Senators are presently deciding
your fate by constructing a health care bill that 53% of us do not want. If you are part of
that 53%, as I am, and you feel that you should do something but you don’t know what or how,
just pick the action you would like to take and go for it.

What part will you play in the fight for American health care during this period?

To call your U.S. Senators and tell them to vote against any
legislation that promotes government-run health care.


Click Here,,
sign in, and you will have an opportunity to call your U.S. Senator’s offices toll-free so that
you can share your views with them.

When you speak with your Senators, you may want to tell them:

  • “Don’t support a bill that requires me to buy very expensive health insurance that I may
    not be able to afford.”

  • “Don’t support a bill that threatens me with fines and imprisonment if I do not buy
    government-mandated health insurance.”

  • “Don’t support a bill that leads to health care rationing, possibly denying me care
    that doctors think I should have.”

    Unfortunately, too many Americans don’t know what’s taking place on Capitol Hill. Encourage
    your friends and family to join the campaign by visiting Free Our HealthCare NOW.

    Call Congress. If you’d rather bend your Rep’s ear, you can! Click Here, and you can be talking to Congress in less than five minutes!

    Write Congress. Policy Patriots have sent more than 308,000 emails to Congress. To write
    your Rep, Click
    here. A letter to your Congressional representatives expressing your concerns is waiting
    for your signature.

    Donate to the cause. Make your tax-deductible contribution and help us continue
    fighting government-run health care. Fighting government-run health care is expensive and we
    need your help. Just click this link or send your contribution to:

    National Center for Policy Analysis
    P.O. Box 650098
    Dallas, Texas 75265-0098

    You probably won’t be surprised to learn that 53% of Americans oppose government-run health

    Government-run health care is unpopular for good reason:

  • Since February 2009, Americans have said that deficit reduction should be the President’s
    number one priority. Yet Congress and the White House continue to lobby for a health care
    agenda that will hurt more Americans than it helps.

  • Government-run health care will lower quality for most Americans. Americans will receive
    less preventative medicine including fewer mammograms, MRIs, colonoscopies, Pap smears and a
    myriad of other procedures designed to identify illness early.

  • Government-run health care will marginalize seniors. Under government-run health care,
    senior citizens will lose $400 billion in Medicare benefits and every senior (more than 12
    million!) who currently enjoys Medicare Advantage will be kicked off its rolls.

  • Government-run health care will reduce choice for most Americans. Americans will have
    less choice about what doctors treat them, what medicine they ingest, what tests they access
    and what surgeries they deserve. Under government-run health care, most Americans won’t have
    a choice about what their insurance policies cover.

  • Government-run health care will increase cost for most Americans. The taxpayers who bear
    the costs of government-run health care won’t be limited to the über-rich. For instance: a
    26-year-old will receive a 200% tax increase!

    Under government-run health care, Americans will pay significantly more in taxes and premiums.
    It’s not only frustrating to see the bad things that current reform proposals will do. It’s
    just as frustrating to read about the ideas left out of the legislation. Consider these:

  • Reform of medical malpractice law. Per decade, the absence of tort reform costs Americans
    an estimated $500 billion. Incredibly, neither the House nor Senate versions of government-run
    health care attempt tort reform because, as Howard Dean openly acknowledges, Congress doesn’t
    want “to take on the trial lawyers.”

  • Simplify health insurance. Federal regulations currently prohibit Americans from purchasing
    health insurance across state lines. By opening the market, Americans could enjoy greater
    choice, higher quality and lower cost. Despite this, Congress has quashed the idea because
    real market competition would obviate the need for a public option.

  • Reform the tax structure. Every year, the federal government forgoes $250 billion in
    revenue because of the way that the IRS taxes health care benefits. By addressing
    inefficiencies in the tax code, the federal government could save billions and effectively
    expand coverage. Even on tax reform, however, politics has gotten in the way of Congress
    making meaningful headway toward a better, fairer structure.

    FIGHT BACK! Americans deserve real health care reform. Government-run health care
    is a threat to the quality, choice and cost of the health care YOU enjoy! Tell your
    Congressional representatives why you oppose government-run health care by sending them
    an email. Go to:

    If a bill does pass, those who voted for the bill will be listed here so you will know
    who NOT TO VOTE FOR at the next election….this is a must!

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