The IRS Scandal?

The Director of the FBI does not know anything about the IRS scandal that his own department is investigating. This is actually mind blowing.

Director Robert Mueller was “testifying” in front of the House Judiciary Committee when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asks FBI Director Mueller for details about the IRS investigation… (This is amazing. The following is an exchange between Rep. Jordan and Director Mueller. The Director gives classic Rope-a-Dope “answers” to questions that in the Corporate world, if these answers were put forth to the boss, he would be fired…on the spot! But it’s only Congress.)

Here’s the exchange:

Jordan: Based on everything I’ve seen, quoting Mr. Cummings, “the case is solved” this is regarding the IRS scandal.

Mueller: Which case?

Jordan: The IRS scandal.

Mueller: The IRS case? No, the IRS case is currently under investigation and it basically just started.

Jordan: Yeah, what can you tell us, you started a month ago. Have you found the now infamous two rogue agents, have you discovered who those people are?

Mueller: Well I, needless to say, because it’s under investigation, I can’t give out any information.

Jordan: Can you tell me some basics, how many investigators you’ve assigned to the case?

Mueller: Well, uh, I may be able to do that but I’d have to get back to you.

Jordan: Can you tell me who the lead investigator is?

Mueller: Off the top of my head, no. (This answer would have sealed his fate in the Corp. world.)

Jordan: This is the most important issue in front of the country in the last six weeks and you don’t know who’s heading up the case? Who the lead investigator is?

Mueller: Uh, at this juncture no I do not know.. (Wow…if this a truthful answer, our government is not only rudderless but criminal charges should be considered against the Chief Executive in charge. This is where the ultimate responsibility lies.)

Jordan: Can you get that information to us we’d like to know. We’d like to know how many people you’ve assigned to look into this situation.

Mueller: I have not had a recent briefing on it, I had a briefing on it when we first initiated it, but I have not had a recent briefing as to where we are.

Jordan: Who’s leading the case?

Mueller: I do not know who is leading the case.

Jordan: Do you know if you’ve talked to any of the victims, have you talked to any of the groups who were targeted by their government? Have you met with any of the Tea Party folks since May 14, 2013?

Mueller: I do not know what the status of the interviews are by the team that is on it.

Jordan: Would you expect that that’s been done?

Mueller: Uh, they’re, uh… Certainly, at some point in time of course the investigation will be done but generally to start the investigation you get the documents so that you can have…

Jordan: But don’t you usually talk to the victims…

Mueller: I do not know specifically what is happening.

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Benghazi – We don’t know who the attackers were… “it’s really dangerous over there trying to investigate.” We don’t know who gave the order to stand down. We don’t know why help was not sent. The order came from high up but we don’t know who.

IRS Scandal – We don’t know who gave the order to target the Tea Party and Conservative organizations requesting tax exempt status. We don’t know if the order was given by Washington. An IRS source says that the Internal Revenue Service has fired Holly Paz, the director of the agency’s Rulings and Agreements office. The source says Paz was fired last Friday. Lois Learner was her boss and she took the “fifth amendment” rather than testify before congress. Read the rest here.

AP Scandal – The Attorney General of the U.S. “had nothing to do with the investigation” into the notorious reporter from Fox news who was accused of being a possible criminal “co-conspiritor” for his alleged role in publishing sensitive security information. Did the AG lie…? We find that the AG approved the search warrant that obtained records from 20 phone lines used by 100 reporters.Read more:

These three scandals have encircled the embattled Obama administration and there are more on the horizon. They threaten to turn the his second term into an ongoing partisan dogfight as the GOP pushes for answers that could trigger investigations, resignations- and yes, Virginia, possibly even impeachment, depending on what is found.

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