The Demopublican Party?

As our Government becomes more isolated from reality, the entropy inside the beltway continues to build. Eventually a closed system builds entropy internally until it implodes and a new system replaces it. The economic problems facing our country are so enormous and hidden from the average American, in terms of the scope, that most people will be shocked when the crash comes and/or their standard of living continues to erode. If there is a crash, most of America will/should look for new leaders. If there is a slow steady erosion of the standard of living due to ever escalating inflation and credit driven consumption, it will take longer for most of America to demand change. It’s saddening to see the apathy in our country, as I still believe the U.S. is the greatest place on earth. But if you don’t play the part of a concerned citizen and don’t become knowledgeable as to what is going on within your government, the country as you knew it when you were growing up, will have disappeared.

Here is some information regarding the passing of Obamacare, which a majority of the voters disapprove.

For 2 years, 2008-2010, the Democrats passed Obamacare without any Republican support. Not a single Republican voted for it in either the Senate or the House. The Democrats even locked Republicans out of meeting rooms where it was to be discussed. Republicans campaigned in 2009 to repeal it. It was the only big reason the people had for handing Republicans control of the House, to stop Obama & Obamacare. And the people did it. Having been locked out, the Republicans owe the Democrats nothing on Obamacare: zip, zero, nada. There was no compromise with Republicans such that they could be said to have a stake in the legislation. The Republicans also owe the party-who-would-bankrupt America nothing. They owe the political jackals in the media nothing. Having taken control of the House, they have an inherent veto over any spending they don’t like. They control what numbers to write into appropriation’s bills. Zero would be a very good number given what they owe the People and the way they’ve been treated. Zero would be a very good number given that we’re going bankrupt, owing 17 TRILLION.

But the Republican leadership is full of cowards, afraid of their own shadow, fastidious in their desperate attempts to appear reasonable, afraid of what the media will say. The biggest one is at the top, Boehner. Genteel politeness is the cloak for his cowardice. The party is full of cynical know-nothing big spenders too. What would be just and appropriate is outrage and grim determination. It is all for nought. We are headed for a cataclysm, the only thing apparently that will either force a change in the people and a change at the top, or usher in a never-before-seen era of totalitarian oppression. And some appreciable part of the Democratic party are hoping for the latter.

As long as the current leadership hold power in the House, they might as well be called the Republican wing of the Demopublican party.

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