The Anthem…The Rest Of The Story

I’m sure you have heard about the football players not standing for our national anthem and you may or may not have an opinion on the matter but I do.waving U.S. Flag

When I was in school we pledged our alligence to our flag and we stood up whenever the national anthem was played. We love our country, there is none other like it. That’s why men and women have fought and died for it and will continue to do so when called upon.

We learned about the anthem, how Francis Scott Key was on a ship when one of our forts was being bombarded and he made some notes describing the bombardment and then turned them into music, later to be adopted as our national anthem.

But I didn’t know why he was on this ship, watching this bombardment. Now I know, and it makes the national anthem even more compelling to stand up for it.

There is a You Tube video that tells the story, a story that every American should know. This video is about 11 minutes long and should be required to be shown in every schoolroom in this country….and, to all those in the NFL.

As Paul Harvey was known to say…..”and now for the rest of the story”.

I guarantee you will stand the next time you hear our National Anthem.

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