Quotes on Obama’s Dismal Job

Victor Davis Hanson:

“Oilmen, not the government, returned hundreds of billions of dollars to American consumers. They, not Ivy League experts and Wall Street grandees, kick-started the economy where federal subsidies had failed to.

They, not the policies of the Obama administration or the rhetoric of Secretary of State John Kerry, weakened our enemies. Almost everything Obama tried for six years in an effort to rev the economy — from near-zero interest rates and $1 trillion annual budget deficits to Obamacare and vast increases in entitlements — has failed.

His foreign-policy stances of resets and leading from behind led to chaos and emboldened enemies. Yet the United States economy is slowly recovering with cheap energy.

Consumers have more money. Industries are returning to U.S. soil. … What Obama once ridiculed is now saving him from himself — after he had championed policies that nearly destroyed him. The Greeks had a word for it: irony.”

Comedian Argus Hamilton: “Obama took off for Hawaii on a two-week vacation where he will relax with his pals, play golf, watch a lot of football and basketball on TV and catch up on movies. Doesn’t he ever like to change things around? The idea of a vacation is to get away from your day-to-day routine.”

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