Plenty Of Fodder For The Fire

Well, it’s been about a week since that, that…

I never watch election returns and that day was no different…I read a book and went to bed hoping to wake up to the glorious news of a new president. Fat chance.

I don’t remember too much about the next day, it all seems to be blurry and unreal. Guess it might be from to much Tovarich (for you teetotalers that’s a gooood Russian Vodka). Well, it’s been a very blurry week but I’m finally starting to feel human again. But I still can’t understand how a majority of the voters were stupid enough to re-elect a President whose incompetence and pathalogical lying makes Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton look like saints.

Well, I will admit it, I got my butt kicked. As you know, or maybe don’t know, this website’s subtitle was,
“Let’s make Obama a one time President”, well I failed, failed to send Mr. Obama back to Chicago but I’m not through….note the subtitle to the website now..”the battle for Liberty begins anew…..”.

I’m taking a course, “Constitution 101” through Hillsdale College. Obama has trashed the Constitution in so many ways that I have to know more about it to be critical. I’ve always considered myself a “Constitutionalist” now I’ll find out why.

Let’s not forget that Obamacare is still under siege in the courts. More than two dozen lawsuits filed by Catholic organizations concerning the HHS contraception mandate and twenty-seven states joined the lawsuit against Obamacare or filed other suits objecting to the law in some way.

And now this flap about the Director of Central Intelligence agency, General David Petraeus, having an affair with his biographer, is causing a stir in the White House. But wait, there’s more….there’s a second woman in this case, a State Department official, who reported threatening e-mails from Paula Broadwell, the General’s mistress, months ago. The FBI apparently found out about the affair months ago, and that the security of the office of DCI had been breached. It is inconceivable that no one at the FBI told the White House or the Attorney General about these serious concerns before this week. It just could not have happened that way.

That means the White House and/or the Attorney General. knew for some time before the election that a scandal of major proportions was about to hit the CIA. The President knew before the election, in other words, and so did David Petraeus, that this furor was about to break.

How did they keep it secret? What did Attorney General Eric Holder do to keep the lid on his FBI? What kind of possibly corrupt bargain did Mr. Obama make with Gen. Petraeus to go easy on him over Benghazi if Gen. Petraeus would keep quiet about his impending disgrace? What promises, winks, and nods were given and received?

So, you see, there appears to be plenty of fodder for the fire and maybe I should have made my subtitle, “Impeach Obama!” ….aah, let’s have another Tovarich.

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