Nobel Prize: Marxism Goes Mainstream

“Oh, happy day, oh happy day.” 

That’s what gospel musician Edwin Hawkins famously sang about the
coming of Jesus. And that’s what Nobel Peace Prize committee head Thorbjørn
Jagland is singing now about another larger-than-life figure, Barack Obama, to
whom he will award the prize in a December ceremony.  Jagland is good at
singing, especially
“the praises of folks like Karl Marx” as a leading light of an international organization
dedicated to abolishing individual and economic freedom.

Jagland loves Karl Marx. And he loves Barack Obama. In addition to heading
the Nobel committee and the European Council, Jagland is a long-time leader of
International, a worldwide organization of radical left groups and the
occasional terrorist organization dedicated to establishing a world government
that will rule through Marxist, collectivist principles. Its icons include Marx,
Chairman Mao (whose Beijing McDonald’s has the right to put on its sign “More
Than 65 Million Killed”), and Castro.

The major American affiliate of Jagland’s organization is Democratic Socialists of America
(DSA). Active DSA members include actor Ed Asner — who praises the humanity
of Mao and Fidel Castro, while excoriating George Bush for having brought about
the “controlled demolition
of the Twin Towers on 9/11 — and Cornel West, the radical African-American
activist and Princeton professor  who decries the bourgeois-ossification
of American Jewry” that has caused them to accept American and Israeli

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