New Partner For Bud Hunt Site

Big News! Bud Hunt Site has a new partner,!

They have recipes from around the world, some new, some old but all of them are outstanding. Here’s some samples;
Cherry Cheesecake Pie, Chilean Empanadas, Chinese Leg of Lamb, Chicken Noodle Enchiladas from East L.A. and
Chocolate Pudding Cake, just for starters.

And if you have some favorite recipes you would like to share, send them in…they will publish
them in a heartbeat!

They have cooking tips you can’t do without such as:

Food Safety:

Barbecues and Picnics

  • Try to plan just the right amount of foods to take. That way, you
    won’t have to worry about the storage or safety of leftovers.
  • When taking foods off the grill, put them on a clean plate, not
    the same platter that held raw meat.
  • When preparing dishes like chicken or cooked meat salads, use
    chilled ingredients. In other words, make sure your cooked
    chicken has been cooked and chilled before it gets mixed with
    other salad ingredients.
  • It’s a good idea to use a separate cooler for drinks, so the one
    containing perishable food won’t be constantly opened and closed.
  • A cooler chest can also be used to keep hot food hot. Line the
    cooler with a heavy kitchen towel for extra insulation and place
    well wrapped hot foods inside. It’s amazing how long the foods
    will stay not only warm, but hot. Try to use a cooler that is
    just the right size to pack fairly tightly with hot food so
    less heat escapes.
  • Wash ALL fresh produce thoroughly. When preparing
    lettuce, break into pieces – then wash.

These are just a few of the outstanding items that will help you with that next
dinner party or holiday hosting event.

So, give them a visit at, they are just waiting
for you to drop in and cook-up a storm.

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