Navy Ends Ratings Titles

The Navy has phased out all of it 91 enlisted ratings titles. As Navy Times reports, the system has existed since the days of the Continental Navy and the changes will “reverberate through the fleet and the veterans community.”

“We’re going to immediately do away with rating titles and address each other by just our rank, as the other services do,” according to Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke. “We recognize that’s going to be a large cultural change, it’s not going to happen overnight, but the direction is to start exercising that now”

Navy Times provides an example: “Sailors will no longer be identified by their job title, say, Fire Controlman 1st Class Joe Sailor, effective immediately. Instead that would be Petty Officer 1st Class Joe Sailor.”

Since its inception, the Navy has had some 700 titles, including 400 created during World War II.

The Navy’s change in titles follows within the Marine Corps, which is removing “man” from 19 occupational titles.

Apparently the terms “Swabby” and “Jarhead” are still revered by the rank and file.

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