More Of The Same From Obama

As Iowans voted last night, word leaked that President Obama would “recess” appoint Richard Cordray to head the
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, even though the Senate is not in recess. Created by the Dodd-Frank law,
the CFPB wields tremendous regulatory powers with almost no checks or balances.

Basically, President Obama ignored
Congress and the Constitution to advance his radical liberal agenda and appoint a new “super bureaucrat.”
It is clear that President Obama wants to continue the status quo: more spending, bigger government, and less
freedom. He’s part of a Washington Establishment that undermines conservatives at every turn.

Despite having no legislative agenda to fix our economy, cut spending and reform entitlements, the White House
is telling House Republican leaders to ignore conservative lawmakers who have real solutions. Instead, they want
to rely on moderate Republicans and Democrats to pass the bills President Obama likes. Last year, as conservatives
in Congress were ignored, spending increased.

Just another reason to make Obama a one term president.

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