Just The Facts, Just The Facts…..

The investigation of the IRS’ targeting of conservatives is not over.

The American People don’t have any of the facts – let alone a proper investigation.

Representative Elijah Cummings isn’t listening to the American People.

He’s the ranking member on the bipartisan IRS investigation committee, and he’s claiming the investigation is over. He says all the facts are in. The truth is, we still don’t have any facts or conclusions.

Rep. Cummings’ obstructionist tactics are unacceptable and unbecoming as a representative of the People.
Rep. Cummings wants to protect his political allies in the IRS and shut out conservative voices. We cannot allow this to happen.

Rep. Cummings’ Democratic colleagues on the bipartisan committee need to hold him accountable for his attempts to silence the truth. Do they stand with Cummings, or the American people?
The American people deserve answers and justice for being targeted by the IRS for their political views.

Do we have enough answers about the IRS scandal? Not by a long shot.

The federal government is so vast and unaccountable that the IRS managed to carry on its high-profile inappropriate behavior in the midst of a massive media firestorm over political targeting actions. Most Americans do not buy the IRS’ ineptitude defense, though they’re unlikely to dispute the government’s bloated incompetence. The likelier explanation for all of this is malicious intent, coupled with ass-covering lies.

It’s not known how far up the chain this corruption goes, but a plurality of Americans think the White House is responsible. At the very least, high-ranking officials in Washington directed the targeting program, and members of the administration knew about it well before the 2012 elections.

This is the actual reason that Rep. Cummings is trying to convince everyone that the investigation is over, he’s the loyalist lackey trying to shield the obamable Administration from further involvement.

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