How’s Those Hopey Changey Things Going….?

For ObamaCare to work, 40% of those buying healthcare insurance must be in the “rarely get sick” age group of 18-34. Their money must fund the healthcare of the older buyers.

It turns out that only 28% are buying.

Forget The entire program is sinking statistically.

How many times does an unmarried male age 21-34 go to a physician? Six times. That means six times in the entire 13-year period.

Furthermore, he remains on his parents’ policy until age 26.

Why will he buy health insurance? He won’t.

What about a married male? He will go 1.8 times a year. His wife will nag him.

His wife will go 3.6 times. So, that’s a total of once every other month. At $100 per visit, that’s $540 per year. What will health insurance cost? Thousands.

Will they buy health insurance? No. “Most of them have zero health costs. In fact, the median health care spending for this group is exactly zero,” said economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former head of the Congressional Budget Office.

“Literally if they do the arithmetic, 80-85 percent will just say no … pay the penalty and stay out of the Affordable Care Act,” he said. “There’s a long tradition of the young invincibles not buying insurance. Those who did buy insurance in polling that we’ve looked at said that if their premiums went up as much as 30 percent, they’d drop it.”

Then what happens to sick older people? Either their premiums will skyrocket each year, or else the government will have to pay their bills.

This means you. Not me. I’m on Medicare.

Sorry, Charlie. You’re cooked.

How’s those hopey changey things going for you guys now?

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