God, Help The Japanese People

The Japan earthquake was a massive earthquake with some suggesting that they might have to revise the power of the quake upward from 8.9 to 9.1.

In fact the earthquake was so powerful that it caused some pretty major geological changes. Scientists from the United States Geological Service (USGS) shared some startling information while answering questions from the public today.

  • Earth’s axis has reportedly shifted 10 inches as a result of the quake.
  • Japan’s coast is said to have permanently shifted 2.4 meters.
  • 100+ aftershocks measuring 5.0 magnitude or more have hit Japan following the initial quake.
  • The quake was 900 times stronger than the one that hit San Francisco in 1989.
  • Shaking was felt as far away as China.
  • St. Louis, Missouri media outlets are reporting the city has moved an inch as a result of the quake.
  • Waves from the tsunami caused by the quake reached 32 feet.
  • via The Vancouver Sun

    Geophysicist Kenneth Hudnut, who works for the U.S. Geological Survey, told CNN that the quake moved part of Japan’s land mass by nearly 2.5 meters.

    Experts say that the huge shake, caused by a shift in the tectonic plates deep underwater, also threw the earth off its axis point by at least 8 centimeters.

    This tragedy is almost beyond comprehension but what really is most illuminating in this whole situation is…there is no looting, there is no rioting….the Japanese people are helping one another, sharing a bottle of water, helping their neighbors and the businesses…this is amazing. We can’t even get though the Lakers winning a championship without the city being looted and burned…!

    God, help the Japanese people and when you’r through…please help us…please!

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