Democrats: The Party Of Frauds…

The FTC recently cited several cancer charities for fraudulent practices. The charities gave false promises and misused funds for personal use.

The managers of the Cancer Fund of America used the proceeds to take vacations, give themselves high salaries, new cars and directed very little to the actual treatment of cancer.

This comes just two weeks after it was revealed that the Clinton Foundation has been doing exactly the same thing, but an FTC case has yet to be opened. This sounds very much like the way Bill and Hillary Clinton use the money from their Clinton Foundation. Only ten percent of the $252 million raised from 2011 to 2013 went to charitable grants. Instead they give their employees elaborate salaries, pay for their travel on private jets, expensive hotel rooms and so on.

The dollar amounts are there for everyone to see. It is interesting to note that while private cancer charities are being pursued by the FTC, so far the Clintons have not been investigated. Voters may wish to think about the different treatment Beltway Democrats receive from these Federal agencies. It may be useful to keep in mind that Federal agency employees support Democrats in elections and that JFK started Federal unions with an executive order #10988. Lawyers for the IRS gave money to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Inquiring minds may begin to see a connection here.

The Clintons are not alone in their practice of misrepresenting their intentions to spend money. Last August Lisa Madigan, the Democrat Attorney General of Illinois, announced that she won a lawsuit against Bank of America and Countrywide for bilking Illinois residents during the mortgage crisis. This bank, she asserted, was misleading innocent mortgage applicants, who ended up losing a lot of money and often lost their homes. She specifically stated that the monetary judgment of $300 million was intended for Illinois residents who were the victims of mortgage application fraud. More……

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