Condoms O.K.

Yes, my friends, a 17-year teaching veteran did it. He showed garden tools to his class.

It’s incredible. He actually showed them tools. That’s right. He got out a box of tools. There was a pair of pliers. There was a screwdriver. But the school’s authorities knew this was a cover..

He showed the children a pocket knife.

What kind of tool is that? What can a knife do that a pair of hedge clippers can’t do a lot better?
So, he was suspended for four days without pay.

And now some civil rights outfit is suing the school.

What’s America coming to when a teacher can be suspended without pay for showing students a knife, and then trying to conceal this by also showing gardening tools?

The public schools are determined to protect children. They should not be shown a knife at age 7.

Condoms, yes. That’s different. But not knives.

Give me a break!

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