Abuse of Authority…

The former community organizer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate is trying desperately to look presidential with his proposed “shot across the bow,” but the reality is that the deterioration in the Middle East is in large measure thanks to his failed foreign policy, which has given rise to the “Arab Fall”. “Wasn’t this the man who bragged in 2009 that he’d “restored America’s standing in the world”?

“[W]e have concluded that the Syrian government in fact carried these [chemical weapons attacks] out,” says tough-talking Barack Obama. Yet there is some doubt that Bashar al-Assad himself actually ordered the chemical attacks. U.S. intelligence officials call the evidence “not a slam dunk,” while British intelligence concludes that there is “a limited but growing body of intelligence which supports the judgement that the regime was responsible for the attacks.” The alternate theory is that a possible rogue commander ordered the attacks. However, the practical effect of whether it was such a rogue official or Assad himself is of little import.

Either way, action against Assad’s regime is not a sure thing at the moment, despite Obama’s naive and ill-advised “red line” threat, and his current insistence that he can go it alone if need be. In the UK, an ally Obama hoped to “lead from behind,” Parliament rejected Prime Minister David Cameron’s appeal to follow Obama to war, leaving France as the president’s only possible ally.

Obama, meanwhile, isn’t worrying about Congress (abuse of authority) — whatever he does he will be on his own there too. Unfortunately, the administration has telegraphed its punches, and an unnamed U.S. official noted that Obama wants a strike against Syria “just muscular enough not to get mocked.” Now there’s a bold foreign policy. U.S. military action in service of Obama’s ego is not in our national interest. The Patriot Post, subscribe

Obama wants to attack Syria simply to avoid looking weak after earlier drawing a line in the sand and promising “consequences” for Syria’s use of chemical weapons. He’s making a mockery out of the Constitution and his abuse of authority is leading to thoughts of impeachment.

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