A Grassroots Uprising


It now seems undeniable that America is indeed in the midst of a grassroots uprising against big government not seen since the years leading to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Consider the Massachusetts Senate election results a modern Lexington and Concord – a political shot heard ’round the world. Republican Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s seat by explicitly running against ObamaCare and the rest of the Democrats’ radical economic agenda.

As the New York Times reported recently:

Mr. Brown is running directly against the health care plan, and Ms. Coakley is standing by it. Should Mr. Brown win, it would undercut assurances Mr. Obama has been offering nervous Democrats that health care will ultimately lift them at the polls. "This is Ted Kennedy’s state, why can any Republican be competitive here?" asked Dick Armey, a former congressman who leads a conservative grass-roots organization that has been active on behalf of Mr. Brown. "The reason is health care."

This was clear repudiation of one party rule, and of the Democrats’ hostile attempts to take over our health care system. What is sending stone cold chills down the collective spine of the Washington political establishment is the now undeniable fact that the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility have unprecedented political standing with the American electorate.

In February of last year, this all started with a few lonely activists protesting the fiscal irresponsibility of the Obama Administration’s government stimulus plan in Florida. By April 15th and again on July 4th, our numbers swelled to hundreds of thousands of citizens opposed to the federal government spending so much money it does not have. The Taxpayer March on Washington on September 12th brought over one million citizens to Washington, D.C. – a show of grassroots muscle the political elites tried to deny, but could not. Today, the "Tea Party" is more than a massive grassroots political force – its motivating principles define the center of the political spectrum in American politics.

So finally, after so much hard work, have we defeated ObamaCare once and for all? Not so fast, say White House officials and Nancy Pelosi. According to statements tonight, the Obama Administration plans to double down on their badly damaged health care agenda. Will they attempt a 51 vote reconciliation gimmick? Will they delay the seating of Scott Brown in the U.S. Senate? Will the House accept the Senate bill as is? All of these options have been floated in the past few hours. So think of ObamaCare as a Terminator programmed to force government run health care on the American People no matter what they think or do. Just when you think it’s dead, its not. It rose from the ashes of the August town halls and kept marching forward. We crushed its legs on September 12th, and it still crawled through the House and Senate.

It’s time to finally shut off the beady red eyes of government run health care. We can do it, but we need your help. The country needs your help.

You can help by going HERE.

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